The online retailers offer low prices than the brick and mortar shops as they have low overhead costs. If you snag any deal for free shipping then it is guaranteed that money can be saved on the online purchase. To pay for the purchase, the simplest, easiest and safest way is paying through the credit card.

However, the payment through credit card may not be safe and turn into a nightmare if proper precautions are not taken. Some vital measures must be followed so that the information related to credit card can be kept safe. This means that to be secure and safeguard on Internet, the same rules shall be applied as that of visiting any of the malls i.e. not talking to strangers, sticking to places known and trustworthy and keeping the wallet safely.

So do you want to keep your credit cards and data as secure as possible while shopping online? Here are few safety tips to follow:

1. Shopping at trustworthy Web Sites
While online shopping using credit cards, only the sites which can be trusted must be chosen. If any other e-mail links appear, they must not be clicked as they may connect to any fake websites which are made with the main aim to steal your data and credit card information. Instead of this, the true website must be visited directly through the internet browser by typing their URL.

2. Say No to Free Wi-Fi or any Public Network
The public networks and computers are not very secure. There is more chance of stealing of information related to credit cards from any public computer. These kinds of computers have software for key logging, which captures all the keystrokes even with the information regarding the login and the number of the credit card. The information of credit card can also be stolen while using the personal laptop with the help of any public wireless network. One must avoid any public wireless network for any sort of monetary transactions.

3. Computers must be protected from Hackers and Viruses
It must be made sure that the computer is safe, secure from hackers who may redirect the internet browser to any fake website. This can be done by loading current anti-spyware and anti-virus software in the computer.

4. The Entry page of Credit Card must be Secure
The information about credit card must be entered on secured websites. The security of website can be checked by checking URL. The address bar must have the URL beginning with https:// and a lock must be there in lower right corner.

5. Virtual Credit Card number
There are options for virtual credit card number provided by some of the issuers of credit card. This one-time-only number is used just like normal credit card. As the actual number is not given and the virtual number works only once, the stealing of information about credit card for any frauds is stopped.
The two main benefits of online shopping are selection and price. However, these must not be convincingly satisfactory. The precautions and time must be taken while shopping from the sites chosen. This will lead to great deals without worries of the identity being stolen.

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