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4 Steps to Create Your Perfect Household Budget
Check out your past bills and track all of your present spending to hold it within proper limits. Knowing your assets and cutoff points will help you control your instinct purchases.
Best 40 inch LED TVs under Rs 30000 in India for March 2016
We have identified top-5 40 inch Full HD LED Televisions for price under Rs. 30000 in India. So if you are looking for a 40 inch Full HD LED TV under Rs. 30000, you might find this post really useful.
Safety Tips to follow while using Credit Cards for Online Shopping
Payment through credit cards may not be safe and turn into a nightmare if proper precautions are not taken. So to keep your credit card and data secure while shopping online, here are few safety tips to follow.
What if Online Shopping is not smooth as expected?
Online shopping provides both quality goods and reliable services at your door steps. Mostly the online shopping experiences are pleasant but some exceptions are always present so some rules are made.
Online Shopping: Few Facts to Know
Online shopping began with allowance of just B2B transaction during early days and has now grown into a multi-billion dollar industry being a part of our daily life. Let’s know some interesting facts.
Existence of Shopping Malls in the Digital Age
Shopping malls across all over India are seeing a decline of 3 to 5% in the one year footfall. Shopping mall owners are becoming nervous and kind of afraid of online retailers like amazon and flipkart
Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale – Get ready to Save Money on Diwali Shopping
Flipkart has announced 2ndedition of its Big Billion Day Sale which will start on October 13th and will continue till October 17th. During this peak festive season Flipkart is going to give its customers unbeatable discounts across 70+ categories.
Save Money with Diwali Dhamaka Sale offered by Top Online Stores
Diwali festival is one of the biggest festivals of India. Along with fireworks, prayers, and a series of fun events, shopping is what makes Diwali celebrations even more enjoyable and memorable. Retailers also take this festival as an opportunity.
India Tops the Chart for Mobile Commerce
Latest online shopping trends proves that India ranks first among the biggest part of the Internet traffic and greater share of online transactions on smartphones
Is Free Shipping really Free?
While shopping online, there is no big attractive offer other than ‘Free Shipping’. If it is really free, who pays for the actual shipping cost? Who paid for packaging, forwarding, courier man on behalf of buyer?
How to Buy Furniture at Reasonable Price Online?
The same piece of furniture must be checked online in the furniture related websites. This helps in price comparison. Also most of the online retailers offer home delivery that makes it convenient